ShowTown was founded by Lloyd Baroody and Zeina Mehio in early 2019.

Lloyd grew up and went to elementary school in Lakeville before eventually leaving the area to pursue higher education and a career.  He considers himself an entrepreneur, having built successful businesses. Lloyd is now directing much of his time to building ShowTown as a means to enhance the entertainment and cultural offerings in the area, give back to the community, and have some fun.  His entrepreneurial experience came in very handy for the daunting task of starting up ShowTown from just an idea.

Zeina is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded a software company in Dakar Senegal where she lived for 10 years and then having co-managed an ecotourism and team-building company in Beirut, Lebanon. She is originally from Lebanon, and speaks Arabic and French as first languages. Zeina is relatively new to the U.S., having immigrated here in 2014.  Given her diverse background and experience, she brings a very different perspective. Zeina is also well-known in the community as an excellent chef in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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